The role of calcium supplementation in healthy musculoskeletal ageing

N. C. Harvey, E. Biver, J.-M. Kaufman, J. Bauer, J. Branco, M. L. Brandi, O. Bruyère, V. Coxam, A. Cruz-Jentoft, E. Czerwinski, H. Dimai, P. Fardellone, F. Landi, J.-Y. Reginster, B. Dawson-Hughes, J. A. Kanis, R. Rizzoli, C. Cooper

January 25 2017

N. C. Harvey1,2 & E. Biver3 & J.-M. Kaufman4 & J. Bauer5 & J. Branco6 & M. L. Brandi7 & O. Bruyère8 & V. Coxam9,10 & A. Cruz-Jentoft11 & E. Czerwinski12 & H. Dimai 13 & P. Fardellone14 & F. Landi15 & J.-Y. Reginster16 & B. Dawson-Hughes17 & J. A. Kanis18,19 & R. Rizzoli3 & C. Cooper1,2,20

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