Unmet needs and current and future approaches for osteoporotic patients at high risk of hip fracture

Serge Ferrari (1),  Jean-Yves Reginster (2), Maria Luisa Brandi (3), John A. Kanis (4,5), Jean-Pierre Devogelaer (6), Jean-Marc Kaufman (7), Jean-Marc Féron (8), Andreas Kurth (9), René Rizzoli (1)

October 25 2016

1 Service of Bone Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine Specialties, Geneva University Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine, 1211 Geneva 14, Switzerland

2 Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Unit, University of Liège, Liège, Belgium

3 Section of Endocrinology, Unit of Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, Florence, Italy

4 Institute for Health and Aging, Catholic University of Australia, Melbourne, Australia

5 University of Sheffield Medical School, Sheffield, UK

6  Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium

7 Department of Endocrinology and Unit for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium

8 Orthopaedic and Trauma Department, Saint Antoine Hospital, UPMC-Sorbonne Universities, Paris, France

9 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Themistocles Gluck Hospital, Dusseldorf, Germany


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